Thursday, January 26, 2012

Review: Cyberskin 3" Penis Extension

The ambiguously-named Cyberskin 3" Penis Extension causes me, first off, to wonder whether the ware on offer is a three-inch extension for a penis, or an extension for a three-inch penis. Either way, ponder this:
This delightfully stretchy penis extension is made of CyberSkin, so you don't have to worry about sacrificing the look and feel of a real penis in order to make the most of the man you have! 3" may not sound like a lot, but it's definitely enough to make a big difference in how satisfying penetration feels. Best of all, the comfortable, skin-like material won't irritate him, so he'll be happy to wear this sensual sleeve for as long as you want! Don't be disappointed in your man's member any longer -- slip on the CyberSkin and have some fun!
I'll take it from the top:

  • "Delightfully stretchy"? Nothing delightful about a stretchy penis, synthetic or organic, extended or "classic."

  • "3" may not sound like a lot"? Er ... have you gotten the average vagina confused with a federal highway system?

  • "Best of all, the comfortable, skin-like material won't irritate him" -- well, physically, anyway. Well, except for the part about losing all sensation in the head of his penis. But I doubt he'd even notice with all the effort he now has to expend to maintain an erection while nursing a psyche now shattered like dollar-store peanut brittle. Anyone have a lifelike "ego extension" for sale?

  • "...he'll be happy to wear this sensual sleeve for as long as you want!" -- Such as in line at the DMV? While crying?

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Anonymous said...

What fucking planet are THESE guys living on, huh? "He'll be happy to wear [it] for as long as [you] want?" Don't count on it! Most men I know will tell you that if their women would compromise on the foreplay, they'd be happy to give 'em three minutes of the best twoplay they've ever had. Sure. THAT'LL happen.


Additionally, if a woman isn't going to notice the difference made by those three extra inches--"You may feel a slight prick." LOL--you can bet that fucking her is for the guy gonna be a lot like throwing a broomstick down the cellar stairs. (If you take my meaning.) Add a lack of sensitivity to the equation? Joy!

Michelle said...

I'd feel very cruel buying this for my boyfriend. If he bought me a wonderbra, I'd probably deserve it.

MommyFaerie said...

OMG, I saw this at a local adult store. What miss Jen fails to mention here is that this thing comes in three sizes! As if it wasn't bad enough to tell your lover that he's three inches too short, imagine telling him he's FIVE inches too short!

Not only that, but there were other brands of extenders and wideners also, some of which were so massive they were scary. I think some women have confused their own bodies with a mass transit system if these things are selling. Yeowch!

Mandy said...

Actually ladies, this thing isn't all that bad, my hubby has one and loves it, and I must admit, although I was a little aprehensive at first, I soon got used to it. Ours only adds and inch in length, but it does thicken him out a bit...*wink*

Lord Jayson said...

I often worry about sacrificing the look and feel of a real penis. Normally, when i'm wearing penis-extenders, they are made out of olive-loaf. Chicks don't seem to dig this, for reasons too numerous to mention.

Thank you cyberskin!

yours in christ,

PS - cyberskin? Does this have something to do with being online?

Toy Man said...

With a 3 inch extension I could be 4 inches!

Sex Toys said...

I think the extension is nice, but the added girth is the best.

The Sex Toy Guy said...

With all the male enhancements you see on tv and in magazines it's no wonder these will sell. I feel terrible for the guy who is given one of these from his girlfriend. Some guys are very very small, which is unfortunate, but you might as well give him a strap-on. I can't see how his erection will last with this, it may work for a day or two or even a week, but once he gets accustomed to having practically sensationless sex, I think he won't be able to hold an erection any longer. Maybe you just need to stick with dildos and oral sex.

Adult toy fan said...

Perfect for the man who uses sex as exercise and doesn't want to feel anything!

Sex Toys said...

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Anonymous said...

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Discount Cyberskin Vibrator Dildos said...


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Sterling said...

The penis extension works well for those who arnt well hung.

Sex Toys Canada said...

It's a good product that sells, so it can't be all bad..

Sex Toys Canada said...

Brilliant - laugh out loud funny! This stuff brightens my day - well done! So nice to have posts that bring a piece of reality back into the world rather than the ....'pant, pant...oooh - so hot!' approach!

Ian said...

I bought one at

Its worth remembering that ever little help!

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John said...

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Pleasure Play Boutique said...

Not only a shattered ego for the poor fellow whos wife buys this for him. Time to move on if she's that big of a hole....

Michael said...

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Rabbit Vibrators said...

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Phone Sex said...

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Sex Doll Lover said...

Thing is, it's hard to keep it up with a condom on sometimes, so god knows what it would be like with that penis extension! LOL

closetfreak said...

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Peter - Cyberskin Penis Extension said...

I would not wear one of these, not for anyone :)

Best Dildos said...

Some toys are not meant for everybody.We've tried all kinds of stuff in the bedroom and it's all good.

We haven't tried this penise extention thingy,but we'd give it a

Chris Henderson said...

My cyber skin fell apart after one week. I relay enjoyed the way my wife moaned. But the product was junk. I got a rhino by traz penis extension now. OMG it is amazing!! This extension lets me feel whats going on. So if you are tired of not feeling anything while wearing a penis extension try the rhino by traz.

tongkatpower said...

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sex toys said...

Cool. I have always wondered about these things but was worried that it would just feel like a dildo but by the sounds of things it's a lot more realistic than others on the market.

realistic-dildos said...

Hm, I'm wondering how the cyberskin matches up to the fleshlight superskin? I'm quite happy with my doc johnson dongs at the mo, but this one sounds intriguing.

Anonymous said...

I purchased this exact one to surprise my wife of 14 years. Let us be honest. 14 years of the same thing for each of us can get a bit blah. I mean... sex is sex, but needed some zing. I blind folded my wife and slipped this on. I am an average fellow, and this made me about 8 inches and added an extra inch in girth circumference. the 3 inch extended part matched my penis size rather well, and as I started to slide deeper and deeper into her she was loving it but had no clue other than she was cumming hard. Again again and again. lots of lube and watching the length slide in and out kept me plenty hard. plus once her body warms it up, it feels ok. when she had enough.. I took off the blind fold, slowly pulled it out and flopped it on her tummy. Her eyes popped and she giggled with an accepting "That was AWESOME!" Took it off and finished old school. So hot!

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Anonymous said...

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Adam said...

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Buy a ham. Shove it in and pull the bone out. Everybody wins!!!

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Sophia Gabriel said...

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Alvin willson said...

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Marian Allen said...

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Anonymous said...

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