Saturday, December 31, 2011

Review: Reckless Rabbit

It appears that the Reckless Rabbit is a shoehorn-shaped vibrator with a hole in it for a penis.

That is, if you find intercourse to be incomplete without a power cord winding out from your and your partner's fused genitals, you may wish to purchase this product for the economical price of $12.75.

This product is also recommended by physicians for people whose genitals lack the natural ability to make distractingly loud buzzing noises during sex.

The product description reads:
You AND your partner will rave about the Reckless Rabbit because it is made to be shared! This uniquely designed, multi-speed vibrator will enchance your erotic interludes. It is quite versatile because simply by changing the direction of its placement on his cock, the naughty nodule and rambunctious rabbit can provide clitoral, testicular and/or anal stimulation. Take turns adjusting the hand held control to send a pulsating surprise to your partner's privates!
Unfortunately, it seems that the penile entryway is one-size-fits-all, meaning either that the whole thing is going to slide around like a motherfucker, or else you run the slight but serious risk of getting it stuck at the base of someone's penis, creating a vibrating cockring deathtrap.*

Doesn't "Reckless Rabbit" sound more like a character from a moralistic children's book than a sex toy? Perhaps the Reckless Rabbit could make his way into your panoply of bedroom tools along with his brethren the Usurious Tortoise, the Miserly Koala, and the Misanthropic Tree Squirrel.

Also, I wish people would say "naughty nodule" more often. I like to imagine that computer scientists say things like that when they have phone sex.

Click to buy!

*Every year, a small but embarrassed number of men lose their penises in cockring accidents. Always use a snap-on!


Mint said...

I own this!

Or something very similar - it might be the "bastardly beaver" or something. It's purple.

The real problem with this toy is the designers total lack of knowledge of the female anatomy.

Look at it!
Look at where the "clit-stimulating" rabbit ears are in comparison to where the penis hole is - Is your clit that many inches above your vaginal opening?? Mine sure as hell isn't.

This is a great toy if you want to prevent the bottom half an inch of your partners penis from entering your vaginal canal and the idea of a vibrating plastic nub repeatedly banging into and "stimulating" your abdomen is appealing to you.

Sex Toys said...

I have always loved Rabbits, but this one is not one of my favorite sex toys.

elise plum said...

This toy make them go nutz. I agree.

Anonymous said...

Santa knows

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Elizabeth said...

A great toy!Rabbits are always a good choice!

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